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FAQ-Questions and Answeres

Important questions regarding lamp purchases ...

I want you to order my item for me-is it that ok?

that is fine, just give us a call and we will do it for you, we are open weekdays between 7.00 to 18.00. Call us on: +46 (0)372-50225

My parcel is not arriving...

If you ordered a product which suddenly has gone out of stock, you will receive an email regarding this within 24 hours, except during weekends. So the first step if you do not receive your item is perhaps to check your spam inbox around the date you ordered, to see wheather you have received an email about the order.

Most orders go out 1-2 days after the order has been placed and an email will be sent to you with a tracking number so you can track your parcel.

At the odd occasion parcels are lost, so if you a received tracking number email but still have not received the sms that it has arrive to the pick-up point, and you can't see where the package is when you click on the tracking-link - get in touch, and we will check what has happened. Call 0372-50225, or email

which lampshade  should I choose?

That´s a tricky question ... but we will solve it for you!

Often you can see the proportions of table lamp and the lampshade on the display pictures on the product page, if there is one. The dimensions of the Lampshade that fits should be described in the description of the product.

If it isn´t, you can ask for it in an email (

We have a Lampshade guide here where you see the classic proportions of lamp shades in relation to the lampstand.

In recent times, however, it appeares new combinations where the shade is large, or even extra large, and it's really smart!

So at the end of the day the size of your lamp shades are a matter of taste, and if you want a picture of what the lampshade you like best look like together with your favourite table lamp, you can contact us from the product page (top right) and note what table lamp or lampshade  you want your product merged with and we'll fix it.

Note that several patterned lamp shades, look wonderful in the daylight but when evening comes, and the light comes on the pattern maybe not be seen so well anymore.

what we usually say is that then you can have a spotlight somewhere that highlights that table lamp from the outside as well and voila, you'll see the pattern again.

Explanation of the lampshade fittings:

Toppring the lampshade for reading lamps, Ceiling lamps and wall lamps with the bulb facing downwards and also for floor lamps with flexible arms. It has a metal ring in the top of the lampshade that fixes on to the threaded fitting under the bulb.

Ring mount or bottom ring mount is for table lamps , it fits on the threaded fitting underneath the bulb, and you fix it with the plast ring.

If you have a lamp with E27 socket but nothing to attach the Lampshade, you can order a transformer bracket to screw into the bulbfitting to add a screwfitting for lampshades.

Bulb clip is a Lampshade that clips on the lamp's light source. It is important to use a round bulb so that the shade sits nicely.

Do you have more questions regarding lampshades, please let us know ...

I want to return my purchase, how do I do?

If you want to exchange your item to something else for the same amount or more, you will get a free return shipping label from us.

If you have changed your mind and don´t want anything else, you pay return shipping, however we have a good agreement with DHL as a return ticket from us costs from 99SEK within sweden.

When you have received a return ticket from us, print it out, alternatively we will send it in the post. Then paste it over the old shipping lable so the labels don't get mixed up.

Hand the parcel in to your nearest DHL agent, probably the same place where you picked your parcel up. And when it has been recived by us, we check the product and as it has been approved for a return we will do the refund.

I find it difficult to choose a light bulb ...

We have changed the information on our light bulbs to give you an indication of how strong the bulb shines, in terms we used to use. Inthe specification on the product page it says "corresponding incandescent lamp" and then how many Watts it is according to the old method.

The higher the lumens of the higher wattage and then you can look at Kelvin "measure" that shows how white light is light yellow, light orange, kelvin and higher kelvin yellow/whiter light. There is a dimension table with indication of colour for kelvin here.

Most of our LED light sources are in the warmer tone yellow-white.

Do you have more questions regarding products, shipping, damages, etc. so please send a message here

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